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Our team of technologists and innovators have decades of combined experience in engineering and science. We also have an extended development team that includes medical device experts, surgeons, clinicians, manufacturing specialists and customer support.

Dr. Angelique C. Johnson is CEO of MEMStim, LLC

Dr. Angelique Johnson founded MEMStim LLC from the byproduct of nearly two decades of interdisciplinary R&D efforts.  Having earned her PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, Dr.  Johnson keeps technical innovation on the forefront of all that MEMStim does. With training from the Zell Lurie Institute Of Entrepreneurship, she leads MEMStim with a focus on increasing net profits for our customers by driving down manufacturing and R&D costs. Dr. Johnson built MEMStim on the firm foundation of safe, effective and innovative neuromodulation components that change lives and outcomes.

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