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MEMStim is a cutting-edge original equipment manufacturer (OEM) serving the growing, global neurostimulation market. We enhance the lives of patients around the world by partnering with medical device manufacturers to provide innovative, high-quality medical technologies and services.

Our Story

MEMStim is disrupting neuromodulation technologies. MEMstim successfully combines innovation and creative approaches. Backed by decades of experience in science and engineering, with the knowledge of surgeons, experts of medical devices and manufacturing specialists, MEMStim is able to replace the complex and time-consuming process of electrode lead manufacturing. We make neurostimulation devices more affordable, smaller and more efficient than their hand-assembled counterparts.

We are proud of being one of the first companies to manufacture a high-density cochlear implant electrode array using microfabrication.

MEMStim stands ready to enhance the lives of neurostimulator patients around the world. Our applications include cochlear implants, paralysis, vision loss, and heart failure, to name a few.

What we offer:

  • Increased speed-to-market

  • FDA-approved, robust, medical grade materials

  • High performance, innovative R & D solutions

  • Proprietary, turnkey neuromodulation components

  • Increased speed-to-market

Our Goals

MEMStim has automated the manufacturing process of next-generation neural electrode leads. With the power of microfabrication and 3D printing, we aim to accelerate our customer’s R&D cycles, reduce their manufacturing costs, and expand their market opportunities.

Our goal is to give people a better quality of life through engineering. We use state-of-the-art facilities and provide industry-leading results. The manufacturers we work with benefit from reduced R&D costs, cost-effective production and high performing products. 

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MEMStim is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to equal treatment of all employees without regard to race, national origin, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, veteran status, physical or mental disability or other basis protected by law.

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